Portrait of the Togo President, his Excellency, Faure GNASSINGBE

Le Président togolais

The Togo President, Faure GNASSINGBE, with the OBAMA couple.

Born, on June 6, 1966, in Afagnan, Togo, Faure GNASSINGBE is the son of former President Gnassingbe EYADÉMA, who died at 69, in February 2005. Faure GNASSINGBE was then elected on April 24, 2005 with more than 60% of support from the Togo people.

He also won the Presidential Elections on March 4, 2010, by claiming more than 60% of the votes. Calm, peace and International supervision notably from the United Nations and the African Union were trademarks of his reelection. Countries on the international scene have sent their support for that remarquable democratic reelection.

Earning a Master degree in Management from l’Université Paris10-Dauphine in 1989, and a MBA from the Georgetown University, George Washington in Washington, DC, USA, in 1997, Faure GNASSINGBE has successfully democratized Togo since 2005. He has stabilized his country on the political and economic fronts. He implimented a real beneficial reconciliation with the Opposition political parties.

Therefore, that political stability is having a strong positive impact on the economy. Impressive growth and expansion of its free-trading zone withing its harbourfront area  are boosting up the Togo economy and building up the country as a stronghold on the Western African coast.

Thus, the President is on the right track  to rebuild the country on many levels (Health, Education, IT Technologies, multiple Infrastructures, drinking water, Hydro-Electric energy, and through democratization of the political systems and good governance).

Within its reconstruction plan and its opening on the world, Togo demonstrates its desires to establish strong and concrete bridges with Europe, but also with Quebec and Canada. The expertise of Quebec and Canadian firms is welcomed in this beautiful West Coast African country to make employment flourish on both ends of the Atlantic ocean.

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