Embassy of Togo in Canada

Le Consul au côté de l'ancien Lieutenant-Gouverneur du Qc, Pierre DUCHESNE et de l'Ambassadeur du Togo au Canada, Franck Kokou KPAYEDO

Consul beside former Quebec Lt.-Governor, Pierre DUCHESNE & former Togo Ambassador in Canada, Franck Kokou KPAYEDO

From the summer 2014 to summer 2016, Franck Kokou KPAYÉDO was the Ambassador of Togo in Canada. He was reassigned in summer 2016 as Ambassador of Togo to the UN/NY. Prior to that, M. KPAYÉDO was General Secretary at the Foreign Affairs Ministry since 2009. From 2003 to 2009, the diplomat occupied the functions as Minister Adviser at the Permanent Mission of Togo assigned to the Unesco in Paris.

Togo didn’t have any ambassador in Ottawa for the last few years since the departure of Bawou AMELETE in 2011:  Article in French

Former Ambassador for Togo in Canada:

Born in Bassar, Togo, former Ambassador Bawoumondom AMELETE earns a degree from University of Paris 11, in Specialized Superior Studies related to Diplomacy and Administration of International Organizations. He was the Official Representative of the Political Dept. within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation in the Togo Government until 1991.

L'ancien ambassadeur togolais au Canada, Bawou AMELETÉ aux côtés du Consul, Stéphane HARVEY lors de la cérémonie de présentation officielle du Consul à Québec en octobre 2009.

Former Togolese Ambassador in Canada, Bawou AMELETÉ beside Consul, Stéphane HARVEY during the Consul’s official introduction in Quebec City in October 2009.

In June of the same year, he was named at the Togo Embassy in Paris. He then fulfilled several functions such Adviser, Cultural and Student Representative and International Affairs Representative.

From June 2000 until January 2011, he was Ambassador of Togo in Canada. Bawoumondom AMELETE was the Dean among his African colleagues based in Ottawa and the Deputy Dean among all the Ambassadors.

He’s married and father of three children.

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