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FORM TO APPLY for VISA in TOGO (French & English)

Form in FRENCH- PASSPORT Renewal for Togolese (Conditions)

Form in FRENCH- PASSPORT Renewal for Togolese (Informations)

Form in FRENCH- PASSPORT Renewal for Togolese (Attestation & Parent Authorization)

IMPORTANT: If you are already on the Togolese territory, visas are delivered by the Immigration services through the frontier posts or at the international airports, for a maximum period of one week. Their validity in time can be extended by the General Office of the National Police.

Nonetheless, it’s always better to get your visa prior leaving Canada, by going through the Consulate in Quebec City or through the Embassy in Ottawa.

If you are already in Togo and you want to travel to neighboring coutries such Bénin, Ghana or Burkina Faso, it is possible to get a visa from these States, for a short period of time, at the border of these countries.

VACCINATIONS: (Upon your arrival, get the International Certificate of Vaccinations or bring an official certificate with proof of vaccinations)

– Vaccination against Yellow Fever is mandatory (valid for 10 years)
– Vaccination against Hepatitis B is also recommended along those for Meningitis and Typhoid because of risk of possible epidemics.
– Take vaccination or prevention against Paludism/Malaria is strongly recommended.



* Clinique du Voyageur du Grand Montréal

* Clinique Medisys in Montreal

* List of clinics & places for vaccinations all over Quebec

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