Economic Missions in Togo/CEDEAO & Togolese in Qc

Economic Missions in Togo/CEDEAO & Togolese entrepreneurs in Quebec are expected eventually.

A concrete economic mission of Quebec, Canadian & American entrepreneurs going to Togo and in some CEDEAO African countries is still on the agenda of the Togo Consulate in Quebec, eventually (dates to be determined).

Furtermore, an economic prospection mission of Togolese entrepreneurs coming in Quebec & and in Canada is planned and could be part of an important economic event in Quebec City.

Both events are supervised by the Consulate of Togo in Quebec & by the CCI Togo (Chambre de commerce et d’industrie togolaise). The Forum des entrepreneurs du Québec will also be one of the main organizers of these events.

The concrete economic mission in Togo and in other CEDEAO countries (names to follow) will target around 15 sectors with specific projects. Quebec, Canadian & American entrepreneurs will then have excellent chances to sign off agreements on location, while meeting private sector & high level people from the Togolese public sector and some African countries, such as Presidents, Prime Ministers and many ministers.

These specific economic projects are targeting infrastructures such as roads, building up more than one thousand social housing for the most needed, Mining & Deep Sea ports, Electric power plants, Solar energy & agriculture. They could be achieved through, either partnership with the private or public sectors, or even alone by the Quebecker, Canadian or American investor.

Here’s the list of sectors or fields already targeted  in Togo and other CEDEAO countries, in which specific projects will be achievable. Other sectors could be added later on.

Huge projects:
Create Central Hub at the International Airport of Togo
Construction of railroad linking Lomé to the North (frontier of Burkina Faso)
Enlargement of the New Lomé Harbourfront (Port de Lomé)
Mining Ports

Cleaning systems of cities
Energy (thermal, sustainable: hydrolectricity, solar, wind & biogas)
Social Housing
Networks of clean water distribution
Irrigation networks
Transportation (merchandises & people)
Cultural projects

Exact dates of these economic missions in Togo/CEDEAO, & in Quebec, will be known later on.


More than 6,8 million people are living in Togo. This Western African State touches the Atlantic Ocean. It is located just East of Ghana, West of Benin, and South of Burkina Faso. Togo is a member of the Economic Community of Western African States, the Western African Economic and Monetary Union, the African Union and the International Francophonie.


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