1- The mission of the Consulate of the Togo Republic in Quebec is to build up bridges on the economic, diplomatic, touristic, educational, social and cultural fronts between Quebec, Canada and Togo.

2- Granting visas to people wanting to go to Togo.

3- Promoting Togo towards organizations, governments, business firms in Quebec and Canada and involving them within economic, political and humanitarian missions in Africa,  and also in Quebec, with the Forum des entrepreneurs du Québec, Business Chambers and entrepreneurs from Canada, Togo and Africa; plus leading differents projects.

4- Insuring a liaison on many levels to create jobs in Quebec, in Canada and in Togo, while supporting and helping the Togo Embassy in Canada, located in Ottawa.

5- Supporting and representing the Togo government in the whole province of Quebec.

6- Along with the Embassy, insuring a liaison with the Togo diaspora in Quebec, in Canada and in North America.

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